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1976.10.05 [or 1976.10.06]

New Orleans, LA, United States



Gary Burton Quartet

Gary Burton, vibraphone

Pat Metheny, guitar

Steve Swallow, electric bass

Dan Gottlieb, drums


Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly (Chick Corea)

Vox Humana (Carla Bley)

Ictus / Syndrome (Carla Bley)

Dreams So Real (Carla Bley)

Turn Of The Century (Michael Gibbs)

Sea Journey (Chick Corea)

Olhos De Gato (Carla Bley)

Falling Grace (Steve Swallow)

B & G (Midwestern Nights Dream) (Pat Metheny)

Desert Air (Chick Corea)

Sirabhorn (Pat Metheny)

The Colours Of Chloƫ (Eberhard Weber)

Doin' The Pig (Steve Swallow)



(soundboard) (100 min.)